Republican scientific-technical unitary enterprise “CRYPTOTECH” of Department of the State Signs of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus has more than 20 years producing security printing products.

The use of advanced technologies and the most modern equipment, combined with careful attitude to traditions let us to create high quality products that meet all the requirements of protection against forgery. All printing products include combined security features. To produce securities and documents with a certain degree of protection use various printing methods.

Traditional and widespread printing method is offset at which combines quality and possibility to manufacture large circulations is performed on printing presses Roland Practica and Komori. The enterprise also uses the dry (anhydrous) offset method, which allows to obtain a superior quality of printed products. For this method the enterprise uses five-colors machine Genius 52 UV. Iris, relief offset printing, jet printing and of course flexoprint are often used.

Studio of computer graphics working closely with customers develops and combines security features. A widely used graphic element for protection is guilloche elements. These are graphic patterns formed by periodic lines. With a purpose to make counterfeiting more difficult line thickness can vary and the composition may be applied to screening images, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality. Various security features are entered into the image at a design stage — introduction in the picture of small “defects” — a non-standard font, the “jumping” letters, lines which are chaotically changing thickness, etc., uneven on height or width. At RUE “Cryptotech” Goznak, along with a wide selection of graphic document protection, a lot of attention is paid to the materials used in the production. Now the dyed and colourless fibers with UV luminescence in a wide spectral range are serially produced. Unique security fibers with anisotropy of luminescence radiation are developed. The enterprise has organized its own production of special inks containing secret additives which experts reveal by influence of the corresponding agents or beams of specific spectrum to identify the authenticity of documents.

The uniqueness of the RUE “Cryptotech” Goznak is the ability to perform a full circle of works related to the production and organization of handling security products. On request, it can be developed a new protective technology with its subsequent implementation in the printing product and recommended control devices for authentication security features. Selected solutions can also be integrated with an existing data processing system that the customer has.