About Company

RUE "Cryptotech" of Goznak is the enterprise that was founded in 1992, when the market of printed products has just started to develop. Manufacturing of protected products against counterfeiting was the main purpose of establishment then and remains today. Today RUE "Cryptotech" develops and manufactures the forms of securities and documents with a certain degree of protection as on paper and on a plastic basis. The enterprise is a part of the system of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus and specializes in supplying integrated solutions to government agencies, financial institutions and trade institutions, and other logistic organizations.

RFID — control, protection, safety

RUE "Cryptotech" of Goznak has been producing RFID-labels. RFID idea is to use a special small-size radio frequency circuits in compact tags. They identify objects on which they are mounted by a radio wave contactless and remotely.

The general principle of using RFID is control the presence or movement of objects (products, transports, people), but using conventional methods is long and laborious process (visual inspection of the documents, read barcodes, manual input of access codes), thus the use of RFID allows speed up and simplify all these tasks. Produced by the enterprise RFID-tags are designed for use in almost all areas of life: production, trade, transport and construction. Today, specialists of the enterprise have successfully implemented more than 15 RFID-projects in various fields.

We tried to do everything to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy the benefits of contactless identification. For 5 years our experts have accumulated vast experience in solving problems of different difficulty levels, to create a comprehensive solution for optimal integration. Our equipment works successfully with most automation software. Even if the selected accounting system is unique, we will be able to connect to it our equipment so that customer did not spend time on training, and could immediately get to work.

Your ideas in our cards

RUE "Cryptotech" of Goznak offers individual and full solutions, which include the production of plastic cards and their personalization, readers, system integration and consulting services. Whatever your requirements for the cards, our enterprise is able to offer relevant products and services in the shortest time and at the most competitive price. RUE "Cryptotech" of Goznak carries on production of all cards types on the equipment of leading world manufacturers — Mühlbauer, Atlantic Zeiser, Data Card, KBA and others. Secure production facilities of more than 1000 square meters allow us to release 1–2 million cards per month (bank, discount, identification, promotional, club cards, insurance policies, identification cards, passes, badges, prepaid cards).

The advantages of our cards:

  • quality (certificate of ISO9001),
  • individual design,
  • the shortest time of manufacturing,
  • supply of VISA and MasterCard products
  • supply of UnionPay products.

RUE "Cryptotech" of Goznak offers services for:

  • production of mixed colors,
  • discharge color-separations films and Ctp-plates of different formats.
Comprehensive solutions to protect documents

Protect documents

RUE "Cryptotech" of Goznak provides full production cycle for production of papers and documents with a certain degree of protection on paper using sheet and roll technologies. The enterprise performs complex multi-million state orders and also produces short runs of forms. Studio of computer graphics works closely with customers to develop layouts and graphic means of protection for forms and documents, excise stamps, lottery tickets, check marks and other documents.

The modern equipment and many years of experience enable us to produce products that meet international standards.