Plastic cards manufacturing

One of the most in-demand and flexible product, which tightly and permanently entered into the modern world, has become a plastic card.

RUE “Cryptotech” Goznak is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic cards in Belarus. At the enterprise a full cycle of plastic card manufacturing is organized: from design to packaging. Manufacture of plastic cards at the enterprise is carried out by dry offset printing, which allows getting the best quality product.

The enterprise produces the following types of plastic cards:

  • Identification cards (passport, driver’s license, Vehicle registration document).
  • Identity document.
  • Passes.
  • Business cards.
  • Loyalty cards (discount cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, bonus cards).
  • Bank payment cards (credit card, debit card).
  • Prepaid cards (electronic travel card, fuel card).

Among this the enterprise successfully mastered the production technology of plastic blanks with ID-1 format with electronic data storage device for the production of security documents on the basis of laminated polycarbonate with optical security features.

To personalize the card the enterprise uses:

  • laydown of the magnetic strip,
  • contact chip, including cards with dual interface,
  • inlays with contactless chip,
  • embossing,
  • holograms,
  • signature panel,
  • bar code.

RUE “Cryptotech” Goznak is the only enterprise in Belarus that has a special permit (license) for the production of secure cards, rated to documents with certain degree of protection. Therefore, to protect cards from counterfeiting the enterprise uses: background guilloche mesh, microtexts, special screens, local holograms and as a laminate over the entire surface of the card, optically variable features, which are applied with special inks, visualized in different spectral ranges (UV and IR spectrum), including luminescence.

RUE “Cryptotech” Goznak is a partner of company XH Smart Tech (Chine) Co.Ltd., for the supply of International bank cards MasterCard and Visa payment systems.

The experience and competency possessed by the enterprise, allows us to offer our customer the best possible combination of product functionality and its price.